▸ Human Future 

Our new generation's wish for the actualization of free will, self-value affirmation and pursuing the meaning of life emblematize the spiritual growth of human civilization.

Only time will tell as to how the next steps of human civilization play out.
The Voyager Program probes launched in 1977 serves as the most distant probes operating from earth since the exploration of space began, the program has been flying in space for 41 years now, to as far as outside of the solar system.

Both voyager 1 and 2 carry with them a phonographic record constructed in gold-plated cooper, also known as Voyager Golden Records. The content of the records
consists of sounds and images illustrating civilization and life on earth, including different sounds of nature, 55 languages encompassing the ancient language of Sumerian, along with 90-minute of folk songs from around the world and modern classical music, in the hope of reaching intelligent extra-terrestrial creatures sharing the universe. On top of that, ultra-pure uranium was electroplated on the record covers, to help any civilization getting their hands on the records determine the approximate launch time of the probes via the half-life of uranium.

The program serves to skeletonize the existence of mankind on the universe.

With ‘Future’ as the upcoming theme, MICVIM is re-establishing itself and continuing to walk hand-in-hand with all the adventurers out there. Inspired by the Voyager Program, we present to you PROBES, the new collection centered around technology and utility, employing German-made functional magnet buckle and a GPS device of your choice, powered by ergonomic design to help raise storage volume all while evenly spreading the load. This collection comes with compartments specifically for everyday supplies of different sizes, coupled with detailing in a myriad of metals and special materials, reaching the pinnacle of balance in utility and aesthetics.



▸ Old elements - New vibes 

In this day and age we have access to all sorts of entertainment in the palm of our hands without stepping outside, which means some once coveted types of amusements are gradually fading into oblivion. As much instant gratification as our new pleasures may bring, they never match up to the long-lasting, fond memories their older counterparts once delivered. Whether it is the tightly packed gaming centers, vibrant entertainment venues, the hustle and bustle of the streets of Kowloon, these locales combined to weave the webs of Hong Kongers' mesmerizing stories.
For you, we are taking to the old streets and traditional entertainment sites to re-mold the silhouettes of Hong Kong's last century.


Using street culture as our theme, MICVIM repositions our brand while continuing to march forward with our followers. Inspired by the old cityscape of Hong Kong, our Bag To Basics collection is a modern rendition of classic designs using retro aesthetics, coupled with the various types of curved leather, metals, nylon and reflective materials as decorations, while the backpack models come with dragon embroideries, further adding to the distinctly traditional Chinese aura of the collection.

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✧ Lust for Light 

The existence of darkness is a prerequisite for the brightness of light, for they complement each other to illustrate the silhouette of everything on earth and reflect different flashes of colours. Be it love and hate, joy and grief, beauty and filth, there are two sides to every matter, the contrast of light and darkness pinpoints the individuality of each entity, shaping our perception of reality.

Light and darkness are two sides of the same coin.

This season, inspired by the interplay of light and darkness, we present the 'LUSTRE' collection, the uniquely crafted, square-shaped bags comprise naturally glossy metals, nylon and reflective material, coupled with classic embroidery and premium leather, shines its true colours amidst the bright and the dark.


 'LUSTRE' Collection 


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▸ Change is the only constant 

As the world turns and time fades, buildings of different scale in the city serve as witnesses and recorders of the changing times. Often, adventurers are left intrigued by the untold stories underneath the relics in the ruins of dust-clad houses, silent theaters and vacant schools. The scene begs the question:

What is the hidden lesson behind the debris?

Themed on city exploration with our fellow adventurers, MICVIM takes inspiration from the experience and continuously churns out products bearing the spirits of our times. Inspired by birds in the sky, we present to you - Ala, the newest collection of embroidered backpacks, equipped with wing-shaped side bags, leather detailing and multiple internal compartments, providing to users maximized functionality and aesthetics at the same time.


▸ The Ala Collection ◂